Eat well. Do good.

A traditional grocery store, a unique training centre, a community hub—The Old East Village Grocer is all of these things!
The Old East Village Grocer is a social enterprise grocery store in the heart of London, Ontario. We’re located at 630 Dundas Street near Adelaide, the meeting point of London’s Old East Village, SoHo, and Woodfield neighbourhoods. As such, we are a neighbourhood grocer, reminiscent of the village grocers of old. Occupying the ground floor of a former factory-turned apartment building, our cheerful lighting, hardwood floors, and fresh food options might also remind you of the small, urban grocers popping up today in Toronto and other big cities, but as Canada’s only social enterprise grocery store, we are unique!

The Old East Village Grocer is wholly owned and operated by ATN Access for Persons with Disabilities, Inc., and we are a training centre for clients with significant workplace barriers to gain employment skills in a real-life job setting. Every day, we help our clients become job-ready and, with ATN’s employment team, work to show potential employers the value of investing in people with disabilities and other challenges.

We all know the challenge of stretching our food dollars. At the Old East Village Grocer, we try to make your dollar go further by keeping it closer to home. We make good food available seven days a week to feed you and your loved ones well, and the dollars you spend here stay in your community to help people with employment challenges find meaningful employment.

The Community

Involved. Engaged.
We're delighted to be part of such a vibrant neighbourhood at such an exciting time, and we try to be the best neighbour we can be.
We participate actively in community events, and we have a Community Advisory Council of neighbourhood volunteers that helps us stay engaged. We take suggestions from our customers every day and turn them into new products and new policies that improve the store.
If you have an idea or if you'd like to get involved with our Community Advisory Council, please send us an email at