Matt brings with him extensive grocery store management experience, most recently from his role as Produce Department manager at Foodland/Farmboy, and before that from Coborn’s Inc., where Matt held several positions.

ATN Access Inc. is a not-for-profit registered charity whose mandate is to provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to gain access to employment, reach their educational goals and improve the quality of their lives through a variety of assessment, skills upgrading and personal development services. The Old East Village Grocer will train 40 of ATN’s clients annually, with 30 of these clients transitioning into permanent external employment.

My time at ATN has been very exciting so far. I value what ATN does tremendously, and I am keen on growing their social enterprise, the Old East Village Grocer to its fullest potential. Most importantly, I want to contribute to their mission of “Opportunities for all”, Matt said.

Matt holds a Bachelor Degree in Social Science.

Matt Swenson, Manager