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Healthy Choices. Healthy Kids. Healthy Community.

Healthy Choices StoryIf it takes a village to raise a child, the Old East Village has a winning formula in its kids’ soccer program at Boyle Park. An initiative of the all-volunteer Boyle Activity Council, the program is wildly successful with greater than 300 kids playing this spring, supported by area business sponsors.

Part of the BAC’s success is thanks to neighbourhood residents who step up to help. Dave Eakins, co-coach of one Old East Village Grocer team says it’s a great way to contribute to the community. “My Dad coached sports and it seems like a natural thing to do. It’s great that the kids get to form healthy relationships with adults while getting out and having fun.”

The fun part rings true with his players. Jude Macdonald is 9 years old and already in his seventh year at Boyle. His dad Jim is the team’s co-coach and Jude says, “It’s cool that we get to be active together.” He also loves the lasting friendships that go beyond the soccer season. “Your parents get to know other parents and you can all get together.”

Annalise Felt echoes that sentiment. Now 12, she’s been playing for ten years, and she loves recognizing teammates and friends from previous years. She also looks forward to her Thursday night games for the fun and exercise. “I really like being active. Without soccer, I might be a couch potato.”

You can catch the team in its last games of the season June 14 and June 21 and make sure to help them celebrate the season at the BAC’s annual BBQ Saturday, June 23. It’s another neighbourhood gem.