Farewell, Not Goodbye - The Old East Village Grocer

Farewell, Not Goodbye

Farewell StoryThe goodbyes are the hardest part, but when you’re in the business of preparing people for other employment opportunities, they come with the territory. This week, the Old East Village Grocer bids farewell to an original. Takat MacQuarrie-Nolasco joined our team before opening day in 2016. Two years later, he’s moving on to a position in sales.

But after acquiring a wide range of skills, Takat says he’s not leaving empty-handed. “The store exposes you to so many more things than you experience at other jobs – receiving trucks, preparing food, handling cash and, especially, customer service. This job taught me to be resourceful about finding out what a customer is looking for and helping them to have the best possible experience and that’s going to help me.”

The Old East Village Grocer is a social enterprise owned by ATN Access for Persons with Disabilities and is a live classroom for just this kind of training. Though Takat is usually at the teaching end, he says his job at the store gave him room to grow and he recommends it to others. “Even just having this steady employment and support at work allowed me greater independence and time to get myself established.”

Sorry to see him go, his colleagues at the OEV Grocer are pleased to see Takat take the next step on his path. And, of course, it’s not really goodbye. Takat’s planning to do his grocery shopping at the Old East Village Grocer just like so many of his neighbours. He says, “I wouldn’t even think of going anywhere else.”