Everybody Learns New Things - The Old East Village Grocer

Everybody Learns New Things

Everybody Learns StoryA small community grocer might find it challenging to compete against the big chains, but Victoria Savchenko can help even the playing field. Between semesters at Western University where she studies Business Management with a specialization in Human Resources, Victoria worked this summer as a marketing assistant at the Old East Village Grocer. Her goal: to increase awareness of the store and its mission.

A non-profit operated by ATN Access for Persons with Disabilities, the grocer is a live classroom for people with employment barriers to learn valuable job skills that can be transferred to other careers. “It feels great to work for a company so inclusive,” Victoria says. “Working here has taught me that it’s remarkable what people can do in an accepting environment,” she says.

Committed to spreading the word about the OEV Grocer, Victoria set up photoshoots to be posted on social media, designed brochures and posters, and interacted with the public at community events. And, with her new perspective in hand, Victoria effectively advocates the benefits of giving those who are often overlooked the chance to shine. Victoria says, “I know this is going to be a valuable experience for me that I’ll be able to apply to my future career path in Human Resources.” The appreciation goes both ways. Victoria’s back in class, but the OEV Grocer will continue to benefit from her work.