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A Passion For People

A Passion For People MainTeaching isn’t always easy, but for Brittany Archibald it is a passion. A student of Developmental Service Work at Fanshawe College, Brittany thinks that it’s important for society to support people with disabilities. It’s also her calling.

The Old East Village Grocer feels the same way. The OEV Grocer is a non-profit store owned and operated by ATN Access for Persons with Disabilities. In addition to its role as a neighbourhood grocer, it’s a live classroom teaching job skills to people with barriers to employment.

Hired as a job coach at the OEV Grocer, Brittany’s spending her summer gaining valuable work experience, teaching clients with workplace barriers how to receive orders, rotate stock, prepare foods, or run a cash register. “The Old East Village Grocer is a great tool to help our clients achieve their long-term goals.” Brittany explains. “It’s also a super stepping stone for students like me to achieve their long-term goals through summer job placements.”

Brittany aims to specialize in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. “The Disorder has such a bad reputation and there aren’t a lot of specialists or groups out there to support individuals and families affected.” Brittany explains. We know Brittany is preparing well for future challenges but, for now, you can find her at the Grocer, improving the community, one client at a time.
 “I love being a job coach and helping our clients.” Brittany says. “Seeing them excited to come to work feels great. I’m finding myself really happy in this position because I feel like I’m making a positive impact on the community.”