Good Food at Fair Prices

Good Food at Fair Prices

Good Food At Fair Prices

Good Food MainEver struggle to decide what’s for dinner? Wonder if you’re providing the right nutrition for your family? Once a month, Paula Leighton has all the answers. A job coach for the Old East Village Grocer, Paula spends most days helping people with employment barriers to get job-ready. But she also shares the OEVG’s mission to help make fresh, nutritious food available to the community at fair prices. Once a month, Paula assembles added-value ingredients and recipes to people who subscribe to London’s Good Food Box Program.

The Good Food Box is exactly as it sounds – delicious, seasonally available food offered at a discount through the collective buying power of subscribers in London neighbourhoods. It’s available through the Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre, The Glen Cairn Community Resource Centre, and the London InterCommunity Health Centre at its Northeast and Old East Village locations. Neighbours order a box for $10 and pick up a box with at least $15 value. Or even more when it’s Paula’s turn to buff up the order with recipes and the extra ingredients needed to make them.

Interested in nutrition all her life, Paula is excited by the opportunity to make cooking more rewarding. “Cooking’s more enjoyable,” she says, “when you know that you have all the ingredients you need to make a meal and you’re confident that you’re providing your family with a healthy and nutritious meal. It’s so helpful to have the OEVG support this opportunity by making its full range of products available.”

For more information or to buy a Good Food Box, you can visit Paula and the OEVG at the 2018 Meaningful Market, Wednesday, December 5, 4-8pm at Innovation Works, 201 King St., London.